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To apply for funding, you must submit a proposal yourself, after your paper has been accepted at a conference. The earlier you apply, the better.

Please submit a proposal with the following information:

  1. Your personal details: Full name, e-mail address, affiliation, and status (undergraduate, graduate, or PhD).
  2. A short note from your advisor or university confirming your student status and recommending you as the recipient of this grant.
  3. The name and dates of the conference you are participating in.
  4. The title, abstract, and co-authors (names and affiliations) of your paper.
  5. A link to your paper in an open repository (ePrint or arXiv).
  6. A link to your code (GitHub or GitLab) if your paper includes an implementation.
  7. An estimate of your travel expenses for your participation in the following (where applicable):
    1. Travel tickets such as airline, train, or bus.
    2. Conference participation fees.
    3. Hotel.
    4. Visa costs.

To submit a proposal, please fill in the Travel Grant Application Form. Please make sure that you have read the 'receiving funding' instructions prior to submiting your funding application.

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