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Governance Meetings

The governors meet monthly in a 30-minute virtual board meeting. Governor participation is optional, but approving a proposal requires majority from all governors, not just governors who are present in the meeting.

Board meetings take place every second Thursday of the month, at 9:00am Pacific Time.

Information about the next meeting will be announced soon.

The board meetings are open for anyone to audit, but all decisions are left to the governors and are final. Meeting minutes are kept and published for every meeting, for transparency purposes.

We prefer to decide on proposals by consensus. Voting is used as a last resort in case of dispute.

Our decisions are based on objective rules. We aim to leverage the existing established peer review process in conferences and journals of our field. We rely on it for deciding on the merit of the proposals we receive. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes our decisions more impartial, as we rely on the means by which the existing peer-review processes ensure impartiality, such as the triple blind peer review process. Secondly, it makes decisions more efficient and minimizes the time required from governors.

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