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The DAO is governed by nine governors. Voting is by simple majority: any proposal must receive five governor votes in favour in order to be approved.

The DAO operates via multiple smart contracts in several blockchains. They are deployed as Gnosis Safes in which the nine governors are designated as trustees. The safe operates as a 5-of-9 multisig.

The Research DAO's current governors are:

  1. Zeta Avarikioti (IST Austria)
  2. Foteini Baldimtsi (George Mason University)
  3. Joseph Bonneau (University of Melbourne)
  4. Sebastien Guillemot (dcSpark)
  5. Angel Leon (FrostWire)
  6. Andrew Miller (UIUC)
  7. Joachim Neu (Stanford University)
  8. Dionysis Zindros (Stanford University)
  9. The names of the rest of the governors will be disclosed soon.

Governors have been selected based on a variety of criteria. We have included people primarily from academia, who have research experience in the field of blockchain science, including publications, conference participations, respected university positions, educational contributions, and a history of professional service (including peer review and program committee membership). This experience makes them suitable to decide which research is appropriate to fund and to prioritize, ensuring our criteria of peer review and academic rigour are respected. At the same time, we have included representative people from the industry to ensure that some of the research we fund is applied. This experience makes them suitable to decide which applications to prioritize based on what is important in practice.

To ensure independence, the people we have included are from various universities around the world, including the Americas and Europe. Our governors have published and are interested in a variety of research topics that represent our research directions.

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